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Friday, January 23, 2004

Just a few links on this colorful organization. It's been a long week, so tonight's posting is a bit light - look for better things tomorrow!

Some Basic Info

Order of Malta Knights of Malta

Heraldry , nice photos here

Australian Maltese Site - many good links, and informative content here..

And, in a semi-related vein, another great evangelical anti-secret society site. This one is a little different, being a Protestant Northern Ireland site which attacks the Orange Order..


A truly haunting PBase Gallery of an abandoned Children's Psychiatric hospital

Vox Fux - a rather radical anarchist type site..

Depression Era Recipes

American Memory Collections - Historical Photograph and Document Collections Online, from the Library of Congress

'If you get rid of the pain before you have answered its questions, you get rid of the self along with it. '

Carl Jung

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