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Thursday, January 22, 2004

Few, if any, religious orders have played as active - and controversial - a role in history as the Society of Jesus. From their beginnings in the Counter Reformation to their current, often radical involvement in social issues, their history has been colorful and their enemies numerous. Here's some links from many perpectives..

Their Internet Universe

Links to Jesuit Personal Pages

Ignatius of Loyola

The Spiritual Exercises - I have heard it said that these influenced the spiritual program of 12 Step groups..

Jesuits in the Sciences

The "Secret Instructions" - please note : the "anti" links you'll find here are often a bit rabid - don't believe all you read without backing it up through research of your own! Yet, few would deny that their intense involvement in politics in an age of violence and intrigue was not without questionable episodes..

Ian Paisley on the Jesuits

Another Fundamentalist View

And, if you question the 'endtimes scenario' of the "Left Behind" series - well, blame it on the Jesuits!

English "Act Against Jesuits and Seminarists of 1585"

Are Jesuit's Catholics? (article)

Jesuits as Royal Confessors

Companions of Jesuits

Jesuits in the Arts

A really cool Oath

And finally, some classic Jesuit prayers..


Movie Cliches - funny, yet true...

And even more to the point (so to speak) - alphabetical list of mainstream movies with bra scenes..

Archaeology of Mesoamerican Maize (that's Corn, folks..)

History of Podiatry

..and, two nice PBase albums, Faces of Angkor and Capetown Landscapes

'It matters little how one begins, provided that he be resolved to go on well, and to end well.'

St Francis de Sales

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