Extreme Web Surfs!
Monday, January 05, 2004

I started off just looking for a nice custard recipe or two. But, as Maarten has recently mentioned on HIS blog , one of the fun things about web searching is that you are often led into many unforeseen places. Yeah, I found a few custards, but I found a whole lot of other stuff that uses the name! Let's take a look..

Custard Apples and a more botanical discussion

The Custard Factory (Birmingham, UK, Arts and Media Center)

Custard the Cat

Custard Glass

Foamy Custard (folklore, mythology and related disciplines)

Roobarb and Custard (80's TV)

Custard, German Power Metal Band..

Custard the Dragon (Ogden Nash Poem)

Ok, getting closer: Wendy's Food Photos (I'm available for dinner anytime, Wendy..)

And, for my token real custard link, how about recipes from a 1796 American Cookbook?


Peter's Photo Gallery - a tremendously gifted phtographer documents his travels. Balkans stuff really nice..

Medical Museum Online (another one, historic dissection group photos, if that's your thing..)

Lucas Sithole a tribute to the late South African artist..

Height Discrimination in Theme Parks

Monstruous - site devoted to, er, monsters..

Turbulence.Org promotes ,advocates and links to all kinds of net art. Essential bookmark..

Love Katie experimental site. Cool..

Sensorium - "projects" here to change the way you perceive things..

"It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it."
General Douglas MacArthur

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