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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

The Chautauqua Movement was, and to an extent, still is, a quintessential American phenomena. It was "culture democratized" and brought to the masses. Ridiculed by snobs of all types, I believe it represented a noble effort by our hardworking and unrefined ancestors to enlarge their understanding. It certainly was more admirable than the 7 hours, or whatever it is, the average person today spends in front of the TV . I proudly consider myself in the Chautauqua tradition..

The Chautauqua Site, still alive, as been declared a National Historic Place

Chautauqua came to be used as a generic term for local groups and gatherings with the same purpose. Here is a nice photo gallery from Waxahatchie..

A big selection of Chautauqua resources here..
and more here..


Thanks to the folks who took the time to vote in yesterday's poll. So far, the vast majority have voted for 'variety', which of course is what I planned on continuing to do anyway, so we can all be happy - of the two who didn't, one went for the culture, and one for the weirdness. Well, I hope to continue to satisfy both of you! And, I was relieved to see no one is trawling MY blog looking for Deetman's penis (if you don't get the joke, go to Maarten's blog, use his search engine; big Dutch political brouhaha with photos etc..).

I'll try to include a poll from time to time, as inspiration strikes..


History and Practice Of Embalming

Museum of Funeral History

Civil War Undertaker -cool site by and about a man who plays this part, all too convincingly, in Civil War reenactments..

Reviews of the book "Lenin's Embalmers" - a read I must undertake (so to speak) sometime...

Before there was Lenin, there was the Utilitarian philosopher Jeremy Bentham. Read the conditions of his will , and see a picture of it carried out here..


Country Reports - a wonderful source for information, including history, on the nations of the world..

Sri Lanka United - a site devoted to this divided land, with hopes to see it remain united..

Children's Literature Online (classics, ebooks, links) great site for parents, teachers, librarians, and anyone with an interest in the subject..

Love your enemies just in case your friends turn out to be a bunch of bastards.
R. A. Dickson

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