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Thursday, January 01, 2004
Been reading "Timequake" by Vonnegut; mixed in with all his usual wry observations is the plot device that everyone suddenly has to relive a 10 year period, without the ability to change anything they did the first time. I think it's an incisive commentary on the last 100 years that it would be a cruel god indeed who would wish humanity to relive them! Nevertheless, let's exercise our imaginations - if we had to, we'd find ourselves today:

BACK IN 1904

The buzz in 1904, in America and much of the world, was the 1904 Worlds Fair, (Louisiana Purchase Exhibition) in St. Louis, MO.

Another look ; and a virtual tour.

Coincided with the 1904 Olympics, which apparently were a bit of a bust, as was the Tour de France (Spanish site). In other sports,College football in US grew apace.


Not the only conflict of the year, but we'll give the place of honor to the Russo-Japanese War..

More On Russo-Japanese War


Eugene Debs, American socialist spoke.. (hear his voice)

Australia passes the Conciliation and Arbitration Act (Industrial Labor)


June 16, 1904 was the the "original" Bloom's Day. Here's how it began..

Picasso had a good year..

..as did Sargent

The Russian music scene was hot...and Schoenberg received these letters..



Arrol Johnston



The Great Welsh Revival

St. Alexander Sauli (only saint canonized in 1904)


Woman's Fashion

Boston City Directory

Chinese Photos

Nice Chronology in Portuguese, lots of live links..

"Why doesn't the past decently bury itself, instead of sitting waiting to be admired by the present?"

D.H. Lawrence

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