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Monday, December 29, 2003

Well, it's been one of those 'draining Mondays' wasn't sure how much I'd get done here, but I managed to find a few interesting tidbits. But first, I want to vent about something from my searches! OK, we all know a certain amount of pop-ups, cookies, advertising banners and so on are 'facts of life' on the web. Especially for those of us who like our fun for free. I'll never promise you won't find that stuff on my links, and I always urge people to arm themselves with something like Adaware or Spybot Search and Destroy (or both, see my post on utilities from a week or so ago, also Maarten frequently looks at this topic). I've heard these utilities called 'the Morning After Pill" for websurfing!

However, there's such a thing as "going over the top"! One site I was trying to get to tonight, an artists, hit me with so much stuff that within 3 seconds I had 10 windows in IE , and a Gator Downloader staring me in the face. And, this wasn't some porn site, it was this guy's art gallery! Sheesh, if you need a free site, take out a Webshots Gallery or something. Start a blog! Whatever! This was like, "thanks for visiting my site; now excuse me, while I rape your computer.."

OK, all done, feel better now..


I've always found the lute to be a fascinating instrument, and it's amazing how much is on the web about them. These sites are good for starters, and contain tons of additional links if you want to explore further..

Lute History

More Lute History, along with Guitars, Theorbos etc..

A Lutemaker's Site

Maybe the Best Site

You can download some lute music here


Another huge source of classical music links

Art Pepper was the premier alto saxophonist of the West Coast school of jazz, and in fact one of the all time jazz greats, period. His long career was marked by many brilliant albums and legendary performances. Unfortunately, he was also a hard core heroin addict, womanizer, and downright nasty guy. Spent years in California prisons. Wrote a fascinating autobiography called "Straight Life" (the ironic title of one of his classic tunes) , staged a 'comeback' in the '70's , and made music till his much abused body gave out at the age of 56. This site is full of info about him, including input from his wife, Laurie Pepper, who's putting together a movie..


Sirpa Alalaakkola - Finnish by birth, located in New Zealand. Vibrant stuff..

Antony Densham - uses "secondary materials" (trash, to us) to make statements on our 'throwaway culture'..

Susan Harrison-Tustain - OK, a little bit commercial, but nice, serene, in a Kincaidish sort of way..

Cross Toulouse Lautrec, Edward Munch, and Robert Crumb - and you'd probably get something like MY favorite of the lot, Ian Kingstone. Angst, weirdos, vague indecipherable threats and foreboding, great stuff!


A great Pbase photographer , Steve covers his native ground of Missouri in his memorable and haunting work..

Stinkers.com - explore the world of REALLY BAD MOVIES!

"The physician can bury his mistakes, but the architect can only advise his clients to plant vines."

Frank Lloyd Wright

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