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Sunday, December 28, 2003

It is generally agreed that Bram Stoker received at least some inspiration for his famous vampire from the REAL Dracula, Vlad Tepes..

Here's the best online history article (in English) I could find..

Here's another view..

Some photos of his Romanian haunts..

And Bran castle, they're obviously counting on old Vlad to bring in some tourist dollars (or euros) ..

French page on Vlad ....found at this scary site


European Art Glass

Dutch Glass (commercial site, but subtle about it, and with nice pictures..)

Old Morgantown Glass

Early American Pattern Glass Collectors Society

Vaseline Glass

And, if you're looking for something to collect, but glass doesn't do it for you, check this page of links from the Open Directory for ideas!

(of course, I collect websites, which is fun AND economical!)


The Seventh Continent - great overall site..

Cool Antarctica - also a nice one

Australian Antarctica - I give the Australian government credit, they maintain decent websites..thinking of yesterday's Sydney Opera House one, and the ones on the Wollemi pine, and various types of wildlife I've browsed..

New Zealand Antarctica ... let's not forget the Kiwis, either!

Virtual Tour

Wired Antarctica

Polar Challenges (this is the English page, you can also choose the original French version)

Scott Polar Research Institute



Ireland (updated since last link)

Arizona (be sure to check this guy's other galleries. One of the best at Pbase for his chosen topics..)

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Ronald Reagan

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