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Friday, December 26, 2003

..as you've probably figured out from my postings, I'm a music lover. Good music (in many genres) should not be something for a small elite to enjoy. It is everyone's cultural birthright. And though we are all born with certain innate musical instincts, to fully develop them, and participate in an informed way, either as creators, performers, or listeners, requires education. I don't know how it is in other countries, but in the US, when faced with the dual squeeze of budgetary constraints, and school performance rated by standardized test scores, it is the arts and enrichment courses and programs which 'get the axe' first. This is tragic; I personally know many people whose lives were transformed through involvement in school music programs.. so, SAVE THE ARTS IN OUR SCHOOLS! - end of rant, here's some resources:

Music Staffroom (great collection of articles online)

The Suzuki Method

Mozart Connect (a varied teaching project)

Music Education Webring - great resource to discover many more sites..



Polygamy 101


A 'Christian' church in Germany espousing it..


Polygamy.Org - particularly concerned with women who have escaped from polygamous situations in renegade Mormon turf..

Rick Ross Links - collection of relevent news articles and such..


..favoured topic of conspiracy buffs..

From A to Z

Where's the USS Eldridge now?

The New World Order, OF COURSE!


The Cyprus Conflict - great site, using hypertext to link to source documents. Tries to be unbiased, at least..

Time Witnesses - site ( also in German and French) which collects memories from folks in various European nations as to their experiences (especially as children) during WWII

Canada: Hidden from History ; Institutional Child Abuse ; a note about these two sites: the first, about the alleged genocide practiced against Canada's native peoples, is perhaps not entirely proven in its allegations. The second, however, is an offical government report. In no way am I posting these to point fingers at our northern neighbor. In fact, having always considered Canada a rather benign, friendly country, I was shocked to read this stuff. What it shows me is that evil, brutality and indifference can't be pinned on just certain cultures or epochs. It is a fact of human existence. Canada is to be commended for having had the courage to confront these abuses in its own recent past, and take steps to ensure it won't happen again. I pray my own nation, and all others in the world,will also make progress towards the time when such links would be found in a section entitled 'Ancient History'..

Serial Killers (actually, after visiting again, I realize this is less a 'history site' than a personal shrine to homicidal maniacs.. but I DID learn a few facts, so I'll keep it listed, you can make up your OWN minds!)


Asian Online Recipes - hmm, this works like a blog, looks like a recipe site..anyway, cooks'll like it!

Cop Talk - a blog written by a police officer . His unusual perspective on life (at least for us in the blogging world), sense of humor and technical savvy make this one worth visiting..

"If you can't say something good about someone, sit right here by me."
Alice Roosevelt Longworth

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