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Sunday, December 14, 2003

Finland's Greatest Composer

Sibelius - good site, with essays by Stokowsi and Ormandy

Essay on Virtual Finland Site

Sibelius Museum

Decade by Decade Biography (with pictures)

The Monument , by Eile Hiltunen


When one is diehard 'websurfer' , you pick up a lot of junk on your PC, and navigate some nasty terrain of pop-ups, cookies, JS ExceptionExploits, and downright 'bad code'. So I certainly find it necessary to do routine maintenance and cleaning, and I recommend the same to any don't already do so. I am sharing here a few tools that I have used, both on my Windows 98, and my current XP. Can't say much for Mac or Linus folks, but again, feel free to share info in the comments section if you're so inclined.. Links are to download pages, will not start download themselves..

Window Washer This, unlike what follows, is shareware, not freeware, with a 30 day trial ( though there are ways around that, nod,nod, wink, wink). However, I find it an excellent way to clear the browser cache, history, cookies and so on, as well as other options you can decide upon.

SpyBot Search and Destroy ,and Adaware are both excellent programs to remove 'spyware' and various other 'pests' from your system. You'll probably be surprised what they find, first time you run them! I used to use Adaware, switched over to Search and Destroy..however, Maarten has found some advantages to using both of them..

XEN is a little program, no frills, written by a geek, that will truly enable you to clean junk from your system other programs don't even go near. I run it monthly. One warning: be sure to follow the prompts, reading them carefully if you do the "spring cleaning" option, as the writer is a hardcore minimalist, and if you don't pay attention, Xen will remove things you want to keep!

Starter is found about halfway down this page, right above 'Startup Manager' which is supposedly about equally good. What this will do is give you more information and control over the various processes running on your system. I use it in conjunction with this list of tasks, to find out what each is process is.. Starter is particularly handy in controlling those programs which automatically register themselves to run at startup, even when you hardly ever need them. It provides a way to disable this, without having to go into Regedit yourself..

Zonealarm - free firewall, nothing better! I've uninstalled ones I paid for ...er, SOMEONE paid for..and put this back in!

Finally, one program I am not currently suing myself. AVG Anti-Virus is freeware, and from all accounts, including the experience of personal friends, it is as effective as the "big names". I just happen to be using Norton because it was part of a package I installed - if you're not protected against virii , give it a try..

"..the moral flabbiness born of the exclusive worship of the bitch-goddess 'Success'. That - with the squalid cash interpretation put on the word success - is our national disease."

William James (in letter to H.G.Wells, 1906)

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