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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

I had planned to do some huge celebratory posting tonight, but Blogger/Blogspot didn't cooperate! I remember when I was a drinker, we alkies referred to New Year's Eve as "Amateur Night". We had only scorn for those who would only make this 'once a year' commitment to intoxication. Seems the blogging world might be like that - all those folks who update 2 or 3 times a month,at best, were probably seized with a compulsion to make some profound statement today, and fried the servers for a spell...but still, there's a limit to how much I can gripe, considering how much fun I have here for free..:)

Anyway, I hope all who view this have a happy and healthy 2004!


If you're looking for a good "mainstream" overview of the year, Time Magazine Online has a nice collection of photo essays up..

And here's a good collection of what some photobloggers consider their Best of 2003

...but enough about LAST year! I'd rather look forward, myself - and also, Maarten has promised to do a good 2003 recap on HIS blog tomorrow...meanwhile, it's..


How about a trip into the zany world of "Biblical Prophecy" for 2004? (note: I don't disbelieve in prophecy, but these folks take things a bit far!)

Revelation 13

Glory Brides




Nostradamus, Cayce and such

From the psychic camp

The 2004 Oscars

Computer Stuff

More Computer Stuff

Camera Stuff

Talk Left

Marty Nemko

Well, that's all, folks! Not one of my sterling efforts, but hey, at least you know I'm alive, surfing, blogging, and wishing you all the best! Tomorrow's another day - if the amateurs don't swamp things again, look for some deep surfing from me!

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