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Sunday, December 28, 2003

Well, as I have a bit more time on my hands tonight, I decided to do another posting, this one devoted to some aspects of Boston, "my kind of town". I'm not a native "Boston Boy" , that honor belongs to Providence, RI, 45 minutes to the south -a REAL great burg, even IF our beloved ex-mayor "Buddy" is now doing time in a federal pen . But Boston, where I have spent a few years, and visit all the time, is the cultural capital of New England, or in the eyes of a true Boston snob, the entire Western Hemisphere. It's a great city, loaded with colleges and universities, gritty ethnic neighborhoods, bars, cuisine, history and finance. Big enough for skyscrapers, small enough to get around in. But if you visit, and learned driving in a civilized locale, use public transportation!

Boston Online is a super place to poke around in, gives you a real feel for the place..

Nice collection of Boston Photos

Boston is just putting the finishing touches on one of the hugest civil engineering projects in history, The Big Dig.. according to local politicos, the pyramids were nothing, compared to this. Too bad after $5 Billion, it hasn't fixed the traffic problems...

In earlier posts, I gave the links for the Museum of Fine Arts, and the Boston Symphony Orchestra . There are two other museums (among many good ones) I especially want to mention tonight.

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is one of a kind, the bequest of a fabulously wealthy old lady. It is a very personal, quirky collection. She knew what she liked, and that's what we got! It was also the scene of the greatest art theft in American history, still unsolved, in which, among other things, a priceless Vermeer was made off with..

The Busch Reisinger Museum is actually across the Charles in Cambridge, off Harvard Square. It is devoted to Germanic and Northern European art, including a great collection of Bauhaus stuff (highlighted in site). 20 years ago, I lived nearby, it was free and I was generally broke, so I often found myself roaming its corridors. Often, there would only be an aged security guard and myself in the whole building - I acquired a fascination with German Expressionism in those days - not they I knew anything about it, but like Isabella, I knew what I liked!

The Freedom Trail is what every (American, anyway) tourist has to do in Boston. Pivotal places from our Revolutionary War days. I had some fun last summer, taking a British lady friend on it..

The Irish are huge in Boston, both population-wise, and in terms of their impact on the city's history and culture. You're as likely to hear great Celtic music in Southie as in Dublin..They have their own Heritage Trail..

One Boston Irishman whose haunts you won't find on that trail is Whitey Bulger , currently topping the FBI's Most Wanted list..

And speaking of crime, who can forget The Boston Strangler? Although this case is officially closed, there are many who believe Albert deSalvo was not the man..working in the drug rehab field, I have met several people who spent years in Massachusetts prisons, who assert that this is common knowledge "inside"..

Finally, a few recipes. Boston Cream Pie , and many versions of Boston Baked Beans

And this is good old Boston
The home of the bean and the cod,
Where the Lowells talk to the Cabots,
And the Cabots talk only to God

John Collins Bossidy

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