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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

..ah, the humble accordion. I remember , in the days of my youth, the 'hierarchy of coolness' in instruments. The guitar players, the drummers, maybe the saxophonists at the top. And me, WAY down the list, carrying around my trombone...But, I despaired not - as long as there was a fat girl, or a recent Greek immigrant kid ,condemned to play the accordion, the uncoolest of instruments, I was safe..

Of course, I was wrong about this, like most things. The Greek immigrant kid is now a tenured Professor of Music Theory at a local college, and the fat girl plays in an avant-garde ensemble which regularly tours Europe...(and I sold my trombone for drugs in the late '80's, and now play the kazoo..)

Accordions.Com all you need, really. If it's not there, they link to it.. hey, they play these suckers EVERYWHERE!

History of the Accordion

In huge chunks of the US, accordions mean 'polkas'! Polka Web will more than satisfy you with them, including many sound files.

And, especially for Maarten (..turn those speakers WAY UP) the Polka Pigs!


I've never wanted to dive headfirst into the self-referential "blogging subculture". It seems some folks spend all their time playing "you scratch my blog, I'll scratch yours" to the detriment of any other content. Anyway, Maarten is enough, he's 'high maintenance'..

However, there ARE many blogs I DO enjoy, and felt it was about time I credited a few here. I don't AGREE with all these folks, espouse their politics, religion, causes, or whatever. But each, in some way, has either amused me, educated me, inspired me, or just given me an honest window into someone else's worldview, which is the great potential of this medium..

Catalan Culture ..name says it all..

Venezuelan News and Views Daniel comments astutely on politics and happenings there..

Blue Sessions ..a guy faithfully and often hilariously documents his attempts to start a porn production company..

Tine is a Belgian housewife and mother (writing in English) who just blogs about the events of her life. What makes this worth reading is her balanced personality and her tremendous skill at the graphical and other technical aspects of blogging. It's a visually appealing blog, and moreover, contains numerous links to her PBase photo galleries, so you can see the people and places she's talking about..

Merde in France OK, I find this amusing! Please, my newly loyal French visitors, don't take this the wrong way, I love you guys! I mean Pascal, Huysman, Truffaut, Manet, where would we be without them? And the fromage! And the vin! ..but it's still funny..:)

I Wanna Be a Spiritual Guru ..I had to include this one. Painfully honest (at times) journal of one person's struggle towards spirituality, of the '12 Step genre' . Although I've embraced a different theology myself, I can SO relate to this kind of process, having been there..

Blogging seems huge in Brazil, judging by the number that appear in the Blogger "newly updated" section. Here's 2 interesting ones. Watch an extremely cute baby girl grow up, or enjoy this guys' raunchy sense of (visual) humor. Your choice..

Pamela's Blog - she's got all the bells and whistles!

Purple Pen - Canadian, Quebec, in English but has "Francophone links" (for any of you guys still with me after 'Merde in France'..)


The Netherlands (I expect to be told if this is good..)

Jals Galleries ..don't need to be told, this guy IS good!


Peggie's Place is a labor of love, one of the finest Christian sites I've seen, and she's provided a great Christmas Page

"God is love, and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him."

1 John 4:16 (KJV)

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