Extreme Web Surfs!
Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Duke University Classical Music Database is an awesome collection of organized links to music sites..

One I found there is this Dutch Microtonal Music Site ,in either English or Dutch. This stuff will probably never beat out Britney Spears on the pop charts, but I'm glad SOMEONE is doing it..


Rubber Ducks

Surgical Instruments

..but if you buy some, please don't try this: trepanning


Black Sun Tutorials will teach you a lot of skills you have NO legitimate use for - and maybe a few you do..

Black Coffee is a less edgy site, primarily tools, tips and phreaks for web designers..


Disinfo.com is a really strong, thought-provoking site..

Index on Censorship Online


This site is to review all the world's Best Restaurants ; so far, however, they've only done Tokyo and the Benelux nations..

They do have a delectable bunch of articles on food, cooking, dining and eating here..

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