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Thursday, November 27, 2003

Gay Truckers in Denial is a riot. Be sure to click at the bottom, to read earlier panels..

Here's a link to many online comics

Finally, the "Seanbaby" site, which has comics and much more..


Cultnews is, for the most part, a lighthearted news source on the activities of these folks..

The Attleboro Cult Unfortunately, there's little amusing in the story of the cult which existed in the town where I've lived the last six years; their bizarre beliefs led to the deaths of two small children. I saw these folks around town, distinguishable only by their old fashioned clothing and in the case of the men, Old Testament beards. One of their leaders grew up with a friend's sons, and was just an average teen 20 years ago. As someone whose personal faith is an important part of life, I am reminded by this of the constant vigilance required to keep from wandering way offtrack..


Prato, Italy, has a strong artistic tradition. Contemporary artists are celebrated here. Again, scroll down to get to the artist links. It confused me for awhile!

AskArt is a tremendous resource for American art.

If you enjoyed yesterday's Gaither link, then you'll like the weird art at Vomitus.

I found in their links, a bizarre Gothic girl's site, Wurzeltod . Actually has some interesting stuff there, such as the history of "curiosity cabinets" . She would do well in one of Maarten's hearse societies..


Not a lot in these photo albums, but anyone who has worms and hedgehogs for pets deserves mention here..


When the mood for deep thinking hits you, take a journey through one of these philosophy portals..

Site 1.....................................Site 2.........................................Site 3


After all that deep thinking, relax here

And if that's not enough, listen to people moo like cows..


By some decree of fate, two rather remote areas, Cornwall and Upper Peninsula Michigan, share a devotion to a food called the pastie. Explore the subject in depth, and cook it wourself!

Mimi's Kitchen is a huge recipe database. You'll probably find it here!

"A bore is a man who, when you ask him how he is, tells you." Bert Liston Taylor

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