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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Charles Bukowski, known to many as both the inspiration and author of the screenplay for Barfly was an idol of mine when I was an alienated young alkie. I've sort of "moved on" , but still retain an admiration for the honesty of the man, and his ability to create poetry from the most unusual subject matter. He is quite well represented on the web - here are a few sites, which can lead to many more if you follow links..

An Intro to Bukowski

Bukowski, The Great Poet

Anti Hero Art Tribute

The Beat Page

Poem for Peace Ants

In French In German In Dutch

And, my personal favorite, Charles Bukowski Ate My Balls

Americans tend to feel awkward and inferior when it comes to fine arts; certainly, we can't compete with Europe's riches and heritage. However, a recent day at the Museum of Fine Arts, in Boston convinced me that some of our finest painters have yet to be appreciated fully..

Fortunately, several of the best seem to maintain galleries in Webshots:

John Sargent
Winslow Homer
Thomas Cole
William Merrit Chase
Maurice Prendergast

This actually seems to be a project from someone with the Athenaeum which seems like a very worthwhile site indeed!


Two good portals: History Net , Best History Sites

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Finally, 3 sites on blogs, lots of good links on each : Varied Canadian Boing

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