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Friday, November 28, 2003

A huge site devoted to The Age of George III , which is linked to an equally huge site about The Age of Peel..

A more specialized site is Stephen's Study Room, an exhaustive look at 20th century british criminal history, with a focus also on military criminology, and the War crimes trials following WWII..which leads us to:


Pierrepoint is a site devoted to that lovable and energetic family of hangmen, England's last such dynasty..

Now such peccadilloes as murder and arson earn you a stay as a guest of Her Majesty's Prisons

My interest in prisons is more than a search for a vicarious shudder. I work with many parolees, and at one point could have wound up there myself. I think it's a tremendous admission of failure when a society is reduced to locking up its citizens at the rate we do here in the US. Yes, there are those whom it's not safe to have anywhere else, but do we produce so many? And if so, why? And what must we change? My state, Massachusetts, home of Harvard University, of MIT, of Amherst and Williams and Smith and Brandeis, this year, for the first time, joined many others in budgeting more money for corrections than for higher education. We can't find $5,000 to send a kid to school, but we can find $45,000 to keep him locked up in a maximum security cell. And unlike Pierrepoint's clients, he will get out someday. And he will probably not love us..

Drop the Rock addresses the Rockefeller laws, an example of the vote mongering "get tough on crime" approach that has resulted in today's prison population..

The AFSC Report on Torture in US Prisons

NY Prisons Offical State Site

History of New York Prisons

More Prison History

One of the most dreaded institutions in America is Angola State Prison in Louisiana, known simply as The Farm. Few leave there alive, it is mostly for lifers. It has a history of outrageous brutality and despair. However, it must be said that the current warden is by all accounts a humane and competent man, who has done a great deal to create a safer and more positive atmosphere, in so much as that is possible in a prison. One of the huge annual events there is the Angola Prison Rodeo.

In 1959, a musicologist made some very important recordings of work chants and such sung by the inmates, read and hear some here..

An Episcopal church was led to start a ministry there, which now thrives..

A collection of photos, from Angola and other institutions is here

Private Prisons are a growing trend in America and Europe..

Finally, to explore this subject internationally, and to consider possibilities for reform, check the International Centre for prison Studies..


Volunteers read a sample paragraph, speaking English with 289 (last count) different accents, to create this audio database..



Boston Cityscapes

Wales ; I found each of these galleries so well done that I couldn't decide which to choose - select your own favorite..


Best Overall Website

Site for those who've taken Hitchcock study to advanced levels

Related Site: Mystery Net ; has Hitchcockiana, and also mysteries for YOU to solve..


The Movie Trilogy by Reggio ( score by Phillip Glass )

Official Hopi Website

Hopi Mythos , links to Hopi Prophecy , which inspired the films..


(I'm sure Maarten could elaborate on this subject..)

American Gamelan Institute is a great web portal on the subject, they also host here am internet radio station of gamalan music..

See The Instruments

Hear Them

Play them yourself, online!

"Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)"

Walt Whitman , Leaves of Grass

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