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Saturday, November 29, 2003

Whether through the novel by Nordhoff & Hall, or through one of the many movies made about it, most of us are familiar with the story. Less wll known is the story of Pitcairn Island, where the surviving mutineers settled. It remains one of the most remote destinations in the world. Here's some links on these subjects..

HMS BOUNTY - the ship itself, or a reconstruction, rather..

William Bligh - his hometown is proud...

Bligh as fodder for motivational study..

Mutiny (the word)

Pitcairn Island - this huge site not only covers everything about the island, but also the mutiny as well. Of particular concern seems to be the fact that 1/3 of the adult male population is now facing sex crime charges in New Zealand courts. If they're convicted, it could destroy this society..

More on Pitcairn ; and More; and More...

And nice account of a journey there..

The 1935 Movie

More on the 1935 version, with links at bottom to three others..

Nice overview of the novel, and two movie versions..


This is a very broad topic, one that I will probably return to. Mutinies are a theme which pervades human history and mythology. In Eden there was mutiny. However, I chose to link to one I had previously known nothing about, and which might be of interest to some readers, that of African troops against Dutch authorities in Java


Zapspot has some interesting games available for free download. However, note that you pay the usual price in spyware for this freebie. After seeing what Spybot Search and destroy found, I decided to get rid of it..


Famous Chefs and Gourmands ; this person's entire site is also interesting..

Candy USA - nice stats on chocolate consumption etc. Those Swiss, where do they put it all?

History of Chocolate





"It is better to lose health like a spendthrift than to waste it like a miser."

Robert Louis Stevenson

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