Extreme Web Surfs!
Thursday, October 30, 2003
A very worthwhile site to explore is the Internet Archives. They have the modest goal of making all knowledge available here, free. One of the best places it led me so far is the Prelinger collection of freely downloadable films, from the public domain. Want the "Walking Lucky Strikes" commercial, or a 1950's sex education clip? Look no further!

A fine collection of Recipes from All 50 US States!

People play something called "football" everywhere, but they don't always mean the same thing..

If ya like snakes and reptiles, here ya go! However, if you prefer animals that only MIGHT exist, go to this crytozoology site!

The history of Coney Island..

And finally, a place that gave me ,at least, a few laughs at the expense of my fellow man. Best and Worst dot com is a "visitor created site" seemingly made up entirely of polls, on subjects like "ARE ALL IRISHMEN STUPID DRUNKS?" By the way, the answer's no! Just my dad's side of the family..

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