Extreme Web Surfs!
Sunday, October 19, 2003
Here is a page to pick up a great little utility to quickly cleanup your PC: XEN

Shawn Murphy is another great photographer found at PBase; all his galleries are good, but I'm particularly impressed by the landcapes in his new October gallery.

Another neglected composer I like is EJ Moeran, a 20th century British Romanticist. This site features nice free mp3 downloads, including some exclusive performances to be found nowhere else!

If you're interested in the "Underground Comics" movement (particularly the Haight-Asbury years), check these links out:

Underground 1 Underground 2 Wonder Warthog

Read newspapers and magazines from around the world online! World News

This psychology professor has on his website the compete story, with pictures, of a fascinating experiment in which volunteers were divided into prisoners and guards - and then got TOO into their roles.. Zimbardo

Check out the traffic on the internet!

Enjoy, and look for more soon!

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