Extreme Web Surfs!
Monday, October 13, 2003
For my first link, justice demands that I provide a link to the blog of a friend, from whom I shamelessly stole this idea! Maartan's URL'S
Maarten is a man of many talents and interests, as you will find from the above! I only hope I will be able to give him a "run for the money" here..

Another friend, Jim, maintains several great websites. The Christian Corner is a place where you will find many useful tools for bible study, as well as a discussion forum with audio scripture lessons included!

Absolutely Freeware is a site Jim maintains which features just that! There's something here for everyone - and all free!

Speaking of computers - do you ever wonder exactly what yours is doing at any given moment? The TASK LIST at Answers that Work gives you tons of info to help you feel more in control!

I for one never feel more out of control than when I have to dress up; thankfully, I found a useful site entitled: How to Tie a Necktie Even if you think you know how, you might find a new knot here which will change your life!

Here's my favorite collection of translation tools

..and a site devoted to my favorite neglected composer, Max Reger

If you think YOU'RE paranoid, read this page on the New World Order

For those morbid moments, I recommend Find a Grave or, the aesthetics of the same subject through A Grave Matter

Looking for free animated gifs, without all the popups and sales pitches? Check out Harry the Cat

Finally, a little humor: The Onion

Hope you enjoy these, and check back frequently for updates!

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