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Thursday, October 30, 2003
A very worthwhile site to explore is the Internet Archives. They have the modest goal of making all knowledge available here, free. One of the best places it led me so far is the Prelinger collection of freely downloadable films, from the public domain. Want the "Walking Lucky Strikes" commercial, or a 1950's sex education clip? Look no further!

A fine collection of Recipes from All 50 US States!

People play something called "football" everywhere, but they don't always mean the same thing..

If ya like snakes and reptiles, here ya go! However, if you prefer animals that only MIGHT exist, go to this crytozoology site!

The history of Coney Island..

And finally, a place that gave me ,at least, a few laughs at the expense of my fellow man. Best and Worst dot com is a "visitor created site" seemingly made up entirely of polls, on subjects like "ARE ALL IRISHMEN STUPID DRUNKS?" By the way, the answer's no! Just my dad's side of the family..
Tuesday, October 28, 2003
In addition to PBase, there are several other photo sites worth exploring. A few I browse are Fotki , Grove Street , ImageStation , Ubbi, , Photofile.ru
and of course, Webshots. ImageStation requires you to 'sign up" , but it's free and relatively painless. On the upper left of the Photofile.ru, you can click for the English version - it's actually a clumsy Babelfish translation, so I would recommend you just navigate to the categories that interest you, then go back to the Russian..

This guy maintains a fascinating music site, in English and Italian. His choices for the best albums in several categories are sure to infuriate anyone with equally strong opinions, but they are thought-provoking nevertheless..

Speaking of music, these two magazines, Downbeat, and Gramophone educated me and flamed my love for jazz and classical music over many years..

More specialized music sites: Klezmer , and the Uileann Pipes

An interesting personal site, includes nice poetry, and excellent essays on 20th century music..Poets Lovers Lunatics

A nice tutorial to teach non-nerds what we need to know about computer viruses is here ; return to the home page and find all sorts of free lessons and references for computer knowledge..

Lets celebrate those strangely appealing lads, the British Aesthetes and Decadents of the 1890's..

"Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood." T.S. Eliot, Dante
Saturday, October 25, 2003
Few would argue against the fact that Pachelbel's "Canon in D" is a catchy little ditty! This gent has massed a selection of over 40 midi versions..

Calvinism vs. Arminianism - no the Synod of Dort didn't solve anything! Calvinist Arminian

Save the Guinea Worm! 'nuff said..

Best Architecture Portal? Could be..

Aghoris .... is it insensitive to call this cult bizarre?

This is an opinionated but useful site on Native American History and Issues links to this page with compact histories of tribes..

If you're going to send E-Cards, might as well choose from a big selection!

Erich Mangl makes great , though bizarre, gifs. Check out his other galleries as well!
Monday, October 20, 2003
If you enjoy languages, Languages on the Web will link you to thousands of interesting places! In keeping with my morbid tastes, I have a thing for dead ( and dying..) languages, and particularly like these sites on Cornish , Coptic , and Sorbian (Wendish).. . Hey, before we laugh at these attempts to revive and preserve, remember what Ben Yehuda accomplished with Hebrew!

There's few who have not heard of JRR Tolkien, but did you know he was friends with C.S.Lewis, Dorothy Sayers, Charles Williams and others, in a little group called the Inklings? This site links to online resources for all of these, as well as their two biggest influences, Chesterton and MacDonald..

More humor: Bob From Accounting

Put this in your pipe and smoke it! Tobacco Reviews

My native state, land of Quahogs...

"It is a sin to believe evil of others, but it is seldom a mistake." H.L. Mencken
Sunday, October 19, 2003
Here is a page to pick up a great little utility to quickly cleanup your PC: XEN

Shawn Murphy is another great photographer found at PBase; all his galleries are good, but I'm particularly impressed by the landcapes in his new October gallery.

Another neglected composer I like is EJ Moeran, a 20th century British Romanticist. This site features nice free mp3 downloads, including some exclusive performances to be found nowhere else!

If you're interested in the "Underground Comics" movement (particularly the Haight-Asbury years), check these links out:

Underground 1 Underground 2 Wonder Warthog

Read newspapers and magazines from around the world online! World News

This psychology professor has on his website the compete story, with pictures, of a fascinating experiment in which volunteers were divided into prisoners and guards - and then got TOO into their roles.. Zimbardo

Check out the traffic on the internet!

Enjoy, and look for more soon!
Wednesday, October 15, 2003
One of the things I enjoy is beautiful photography. PBase seems to attract some of the best amateur photographers, so from time to time I'll point to some of my favorites here.

Dan Northup covers a wide variety of subjects, but I particularly recommend his cats. Mansour Mouasher has so brilliantly photographed his country, Jordan, that he has become a veritable ambassador for it!
Matthew Rees captures the rural landscapes of Britain and France with a special poignancy.

H.P. Lovecraft, a horror fiction writer who many consider to have been the succesor to Poe, is quite a matter of local pride where I come from. There's a lot about him on the web, but this collection of his works let him speak for himself! Another local, obviously enamoured of Lovecraft, has put together an interesting site, the Dark Necropolis.

And, if that's all too heavy, how about an essay which explains why men love the Three Stooges, and women don't?

Who's Who in the world of Western Mysticism? Go here and find out..
Monday, October 13, 2003
For my first link, justice demands that I provide a link to the blog of a friend, from whom I shamelessly stole this idea! Maartan's URL'S
Maarten is a man of many talents and interests, as you will find from the above! I only hope I will be able to give him a "run for the money" here..

Another friend, Jim, maintains several great websites. The Christian Corner is a place where you will find many useful tools for bible study, as well as a discussion forum with audio scripture lessons included!

Absolutely Freeware is a site Jim maintains which features just that! There's something here for everyone - and all free!

Speaking of computers - do you ever wonder exactly what yours is doing at any given moment? The TASK LIST at Answers that Work gives you tons of info to help you feel more in control!

I for one never feel more out of control than when I have to dress up; thankfully, I found a useful site entitled: How to Tie a Necktie Even if you think you know how, you might find a new knot here which will change your life!

Here's my favorite collection of translation tools

..and a site devoted to my favorite neglected composer, Max Reger

If you think YOU'RE paranoid, read this page on the New World Order

For those morbid moments, I recommend Find a Grave or, the aesthetics of the same subject through A Grave Matter

Looking for free animated gifs, without all the popups and sales pitches? Check out Harry the Cat

Finally, a little humor: The Onion

Hope you enjoy these, and check back frequently for updates!

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